Course 5: Examination and Certification

Programme Overview


The Injection Moulding Driver Licence® is a systematic and all-round training programme designed for the plastics injection moulding industry. There are 5 courses covering topics from material science, moulding machine, moulding process, periphery equipment and mould. From basic to expert levels, the courses progressively improve the participants’ injection moulding knowledge and raise their ability to diagnose and solve problems effectively.

Programme Benefits


Its main differentiating advantage compared to other training programs is that the awarded certificate is like a driver’s licence: it is given only after a student has passed the final examination, and not on the basis of attendance. Passing the examination proves that the student has understood the training and is able to transport the knowledge into the practice of injection moulding.

Students who pass the stringent Injection Moulding Driver Licence® examination will possess injection moulding expertise equivalent to their German counterparts and become an application engineer in the plastics industry.

Target Industry


Injection Moulding Industry



Course 4: Expert

Course Content


Review the contents of Course 1, 2, 3, and 4; and discuss the results and skills involved in the Course 4 practical trial homework.

In addition, we introduce Injection Moulding 4.0 and its core values.


Participants are to explain how the 7 trials are done.

Discuss 40 questions from database.


20 Theory questions.

Available language

German, English, Chinese, Russian and Bahasa Melayu


Problem solving

Project work

Production-based learning

Certification Body

Injection Moulding Driver Licence® awarded by German Training Centre for Injection Moulding


2 days